Telecom Engineer

Telecom Engineer Salary

According to Paysa, the telecom engineer salary is as low as $23/ hour and as high as $41/hour. The average telecommunications engineer salary is $32/hour. According to Indeed, the Telecommunications Engineer salary can range from approximately $44,082 per year for a Telecommunications Technician to $107,283 per year for a Voice Engineer. Glassdoor states that the average telecommunications engineer salary is $86,527 in the United States. Neuvoo estimates that the average telecommunications engineer salary is $85,800 per year or $44 per hour. When compared this to freelance telecom engineer, they earn as high as $38/hour. Working as a freelancer has its own advantage: no fixed timings, work from anywhere, no routine work, diverse opportunities & high income.

Job Outlook

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is expected to a decline in by one percent from 2014-2024.

Telecom Industry is Growing & So the Engineers

Since the nature of the telecom engineer jobs varies, it’s difficult for the company to employ full-time engineers. There comes the role of a dedicated Global Freelance Marketplace platform to simplify this issue. FieldEngineer is an innovative launch by the telecom veterans whose main aim is to cut down the barriers of searching the certified engineers around the globe. FieldEngineer does a verification check for every newly registered engineer and assures their authorization.
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