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With businesses becoming more digital, there is a growing need for professionals and SD-WAN companies to provide solutions. SD-WAN, which stands for “Software-Defined Wide Area Network,” is a technology which manages the distribution of data over a wide area network. Businesses rely on wide area networks - or networks characterized by groups of computers that are geographically distant from each other - to communicate in all kinds of ways, especially between head office and branches. SD-WAN support involves making sure that the network itself can dynamically adjust to changes in conditions, without having to rely on manual assistance.

In general, the level of support an organization receives for SD-WAN is dependent on size. Large firms tend to do the majority of their SD-WAN-related activities in-house, relying on their own engineering staff. Mid-sized firms often adopt a hybrid approach, farming out some operations to third-party vendors while maintaining others themselves. Smaller organizations often lack the expertise to manage SD-WAN themselves and so they frequently contract SD-WAN companies to take over the process for them.

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